Sample Design and Selection Service for Household Surveys

江西快三The Singapore Department of Statistics maintains a sampling frame of residential addresses for the selection of samples for household surveys. We provide technical advice on household sampling and select samples for household surveys at a cost-recovery fee.

Services Provided

The sampling service includes:

  • Consultation on sample design and sampling procedure
  • Selection of the sample
  • Provision of a list of addresses for the survey
Charges (inclusive of GST) S$
Minimum charge for selecting a sample of up to 500 residential addresses 1,872.50
Additional charges for selecting another 100 residential addresses or part thereof in excess of the minimum of 500 residential addresses 48.15

江西快三Sample selection takes at least three weeks to complete upon receipt of payment.


Ms Chow Miew Sum
Household and Dwellings Statistics/Databases Section
Singapore Department of Statistics
100 High Street #05-01
The Treasury
Singapore 179434
Tel: 65-6-332-7753
Fax: 65-6-332-7174